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Diamond Wellness Holdings

A holdings company developing business opportunities.

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Why DWH?

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Our holding company can generate income directly from subsidiaries, or through ownership of wider assets. Typically, the holding company receives dividends, distribution or other income from subsidiaries, and may also gain by providing centralized services to the wider corporate group. Ultimately, the company also generate profits from selling assets and subsidiaries.

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Benefit from our holding company which generally allows for greater flexibility with growth opportunities. Specifically, having the valuable assets held by the holding company allows the group to diversify more efficiently, invest in new ventures and timely exit ventures, if needed.

The operating companies can take steps without risk to the holding company and the overall assets. Moreover, our holding company provides greater power to the subsidiaries to invest in larger projects.

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Depending on the business opportunity presented, our company can provide and seize some real advantages including reducing risk, providing centralized corporate control and offering a flexible structure for growth.

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About Diamond Wellness Holdings

Opportunity reinvented.

Existing for the purpose of exploring and engaging in international business opportunities.​  With roots in developing the domestic hemp explosion and providing consumer access to wellness products, the company maintains such vision through the continued development, alignment and distribution of such products worldwide.

Resource Information

As a publicly traded company under the symbol POTN, information is readily available and accessible through resources as indicated in the links below.

Public Filings

The company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as other regulatory agencies may be accessed and viewed here from the SEC  page and here from the NASDAQ page.

In the News

Press releases regarding the company may be accessed and viewed here with other news available from third party sources.

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